Top Running Tips

  1. Patience is EVERYTHING – You will have days that are slower than others. Apply patience and you will achieve everything you want.
  2. ALWAYS find the positives in every single session you do. If this week’s 10k was slower than last week’s, so what. At least you’re still putting in the effort and getting fitter.
  3. Book a race to have a goal in mind. I know a lot of people who need that bit of pressure to ensure they do the training.
  4. You will have days where you don’t want to run at all. Just remember a favourite phrase of mine. The only bad session is the one you don’t do.
  5. Get in touch with a Sports Therapist if you can. They are miracle workers in terms of injury repair and creating training programmes.
  6. Get a running belt to hold your phone, keys, money etc. It’s unlikely you will need it but it can come in handy on long runs to have your phone (my recommendation is the Flipbelt – absolutely brilliant)
  7. Don’t skimp on the gear. Especially runners (the most important part). Running costs add up. This includes the gym equipment you may need for your core work (your sports therapist/programme creator will advise you). My advice is to make a list and buy everything you need in one go. It will cost money but you cannot put a value on health and fitness. It’s too important.
  8. Always bring money for a bus/taxi home. Again, it is very unlikely you will need it but you don’t want to be stranded if you get an injury or if you get your fuel wrong and completely run out of energy.
  9. Don’t get too bogged down on other runners. There will always be others who achieve better times than you. Remember why you’re running. Are you trying to lose weight? Is it helping you overcome depression? These are much more important reasons than being faster than someone.
  10. When you achieve a goal (not if you achieve but when you do), celebrate. Make a big deal out of it. Why not? Look at the work you put in.
  11. Finally, never forget to ask for advice. I don’t claim to be a pro but I have gone from 5 miles and 14 and a half stone to 26.2 miles and under 12 stone. So please feel free to ask me anything.
  12. Enjoy.




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