I Give You A Life Lesson – Always Train


The start line – Let’s do this.

Hello all. I hope you’re all keeping well. I know I haven’t posted (again) in a long while but it has actually given me great ammunition for this post and it’s something which should really apply to you all. As I previously mentioned, I am currently studying for a diploma in digital marketing. Lately this has taken up absolutely ALL of my time with the impending due date of a research assignment. I won’t bore you with the details but there was one big thing standing in my way from even starting it – the inability to find a company to work with for the course. That was supposed to be the easy part. Not so, which caused amassive barrier up until February 12th when that barrier was broken. Company secured and able to start after 2 months of trying.

However, the struggle of finding time to do all this, along with working full-time, has put a strain on the training.  Why? Let’s just say that this course is hugely important to me. This was all a very unexpected and most unwelcome development. There is huge relief to be able to report that since February, everything has fallen into place and that ever approaching date will certainly be met.

That brings me to the concept of training. I started back 3 weeks ago when I undertook some group training classes in the Dublin Sports Clinic . This involves a lot of kettlebells, squats, bands, ropes and dumbbells and it’s tough going. I have already seen an improvement. Even though there hasn’t been any running, the difference in stress levels has been enormous. I notice this immediately after a session. I’m able to have my train of thought very much at ground level, as opposed to absolute mental carnage.

It’s safe to say that stress affects every single one of us and has many sources. Work, money, kids and exams are all common ones. A lot of people cite time issues with their lack of ability to move an that’s understandable. However, this is ignoring the importance of it for mental health and even the ability to get proper sleep.

It’s true that major complacency was definitely an issue in this and I’ll learn from that. So here’s a challenge for you. Take something up. If you’re not training now, start. Just see how you cope mentally and if you notice any changes. Again, all comments are appreciated.

Over the coming months I hope to explore more ways of advising you how can improve your mental health and lifestyle. This may very well lead to a new blog project. You will be kept posted.

From a running point of view, a lot of races are planned. The New York marathon draw takes place on Tuesday. A serious long shot but fingers crossed. Aside from that, a lot of improvements will be hoped for. Just look out the window. It’s the second month of spring and it looks like it. The weather is picking up and with it, so is running season and I absolutely cannot wait.


About farrellbren

I am a 30 year old Fund Accountant from Templeogue in Dublin. Aside from running (which is obviously my number 1 passion), I love cycling, travel, vexillology (flags), films and reading. I wrote this blog for a couple of reasons: I know there are people out there who are going through what can only be described as the HELL of depression and mental disorders. My hope is that somehow this story can help at least one person. That will make this absolutely worthwhile. This is my main reason for writing. Secondly, from a fitness point of view I like the thought of sharing my insights from what I have done right and also what I have done wrong. The latter is where I have learned most from. I also hope this will inspire people into living a healthier lifestyle and getting fit and active. Why should we take inspiration from only famous people? So please feel free to share this and also, I'm no expert so please also feel free to recommend other blogs or advice to me. Enjoy.
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2 Responses to I Give You A Life Lesson – Always Train

  1. Maria says:

    Great blog Brendan. I’ve just started my own attempt at a blog but I’m new to WordPress and finding it really frustrating to use.


  2. farrellbren says:

    Hi Maria. I totally agree. It is very frustrating and slow to set up. It took me a good few days to get to a reasonable stage. Are you having a lot of trouble?


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