What’s in store for 2016?

Well I think it’s safe to say that was a well-earned break since Dublin marathon 2015. Back at it now although the January event calendar isn’t jam packed. One look out the window is enough to layer up and fuel the demand for home heating oil. I really wish I had the time to give regular updates and maybe extend this blog to a larger audience but balancing a career change and training is proving very difficult. Although the few training runs I have been on over Christmas and this year have enabled me to keep my sanity. I do miss training regularly. Never before have I noticed how good a small run is for clearing the mind.

However, currently at the plan making stage for the year, ideas have been flying around my head for something different. Just to spice things up. Maybe a shorter distance due to time constraints. Maybe something that doesn’t require 3 and 4 hour training runs.  Having run a lot of the races in Dublin and Leinster it’s hard to find the time to travel further afield for a change of scenery. So that something different is going to be my first triathlon (and if it goes ahead, I’m trying to get the better half to do it also, so this blog could have 2 writers soon). It should be a very achievable goal. 1k swim, 20k bike and a 10k run? Has anyone tried one yet? Any swimming tips?

There is a potential race coming under the Lust for Life blog so fingers crossed this happens. This is obviously a cause which I hold close to my heart. Check out the blog at www.alustforlife.com  

So what are we looking at?

Lust for Life 10k – Phoenix Park – March 5th

Hopefully the triathlon.

Dublin race series 2016.

New York marathon 2016 (obviously pending the lottery which opens tomorrow)


Berlin Marathon 2016 (again, lottery)

but probably…………………………….

Dublin marathon 2016 (the never ending quest for a sub 4)

Other potential races to keep an eye on (if you’re thinking of doing any of these let me know if you need any advice):

Wicklow Half Marathon

Wexford Half Marathon

Samsung 10k

Clontarf Half Marathon.

Happy running and I’ll speak to you soon.




About farrellbren

I am a 30 year old Fund Accountant from Templeogue in Dublin. Aside from running (which is obviously my number 1 passion), I love cycling, travel, vexillology (flags), films and reading. I wrote this blog for a couple of reasons: I know there are people out there who are going through what can only be described as the HELL of depression and mental disorders. My hope is that somehow this story can help at least one person. That will make this absolutely worthwhile. This is my main reason for writing. Secondly, from a fitness point of view I like the thought of sharing my insights from what I have done right and also what I have done wrong. The latter is where I have learned most from. I also hope this will inspire people into living a healthier lifestyle and getting fit and active. Why should we take inspiration from only famous people? So please feel free to share this and also, I'm no expert so please also feel free to recommend other blogs or advice to me. Enjoy.
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