Tullamore Half Marathon – New PB

Lap o' the track

Lap o’ the track

Hi guys,

I realise the lateness of this post but with the marathon now 6 weeks away today I need to get my updates up to speed. The last race I completed was just over 2 weeks ago when I returned to Tullamore County Offaly, where a PB was achieved 2 years ago. This was in turn chipped away in Wexford last year but the route called for a good performance.

The sun was shining and normally this gives a good indication of a decent pace. Sticking to the marathon plan of low 5 minutes per kilometre pace for the first half, it was comfortable. That tough breeze I remembered when leaving the town wasn’t here today thankfully. It was just a case of enjoying the run for now. Things felt pretty easy to deal with.

After 9km, the 1 hour 40 pacers were approaching from behind. Maybe it would be a good idea to follow these guys for a bit and see how things are. The pace felt tricky but persistence was key and after about 1km one of them said, “great stuff guys only an hour to go.” A good chuckle was had at this demoralising statement. This was quickly followed by the decision to ease up and let them off while still smiling. “The lads will love this one”, said the brain. Time was still looking fine for the PB so it was no big problem.

After commenting before the race about how the heat was gorgeous to run, this changed when God turned up the furnace. For some reason I really felt it here and the head became drowsy and symptomatic of the “wall”. You know the “wall” that runners go on about to make themselves sound heroic. Except this just felt like a wall of laziness. A ‘couldn’t be arsed’ wall, if you like. However there were some brain cells willing to fight on. So fight on we did.

However, hydration this week was poor and perhaps this (once again) was the reason why cramp paid both calves a visit at 15km. Quick stretch. Off we go. Nope stretch again. Ok that should do it NO NO NO. Stop again. At this point I had to turn to negotiation tactics. Ok calves if you cut this out there will be some German beers in it for you later. They dually obliged. Kids would be easier to deal with.

The heavens opened up with 2km to go. It was actually great. After the heat earlier this was such a relief. Plus it felt heroic running in the rain. Twas an ideal opportunity for some montage running but the lack of a personal film crew ruined that idea. Next time.  Then the highlight of the race was to come. It was the lap of the track at the finish, which one has to simply sprint so sprint I did.

Boom. 1:41:23. A minute and 16 seconds shaved. Now to keep my end of the bargain (not that German beer was a burden at all ;-))

Then on Saturday September 5th a training run of 27km was completed along with 2 tough bootcamp sessions that week. Fitness is in a good place now. Come on 4 hours.

Dublin half marathon this weekend plus a few extra kilometres to build the distance.

Let me know your thoughts and plans on pacing for the marathon.


Name Brendan FARRELL
Bib number 271
Class Half Marathon


Place 148
Net result 1:41:23
Gross result 1:41:33
Average pace 04.48 min/km

About farrellbren

I am a 30 year old Fund Accountant from Templeogue in Dublin. Aside from running (which is obviously my number 1 passion), I love cycling, travel, vexillology (flags), films and reading. I wrote this blog for a couple of reasons: I know there are people out there who are going through what can only be described as the HELL of depression and mental disorders. My hope is that somehow this story can help at least one person. That will make this absolutely worthwhile. This is my main reason for writing. Secondly, from a fitness point of view I like the thought of sharing my insights from what I have done right and also what I have done wrong. The latter is where I have learned most from. I also hope this will inspire people into living a healthier lifestyle and getting fit and active. Why should we take inspiration from only famous people? So please feel free to share this and also, I'm no expert so please also feel free to recommend other blogs or advice to me. Enjoy.
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4 Responses to Tullamore Half Marathon – New PB

  1. Karen @ runningfifty says:

    Well done! I love your recap of this race. Great writing!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. farrellbren says:

    Thanks a million Karen. Much appreciated. Did you run it yourself?


  3. farrellbren says:

    You should someday. Get over for the Dublin marathon.

    Liked by 1 person

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